25 and Under: Sammi Lane Stalls…at LPW Summer Heat

by Daniel Johnson

“The Definition of a Diva” Sammi Lane vs. Davinne

This match comes from Lucky Pro  Wrestling (LPW), a Massachusetts based indie that just opened in 2013. At one of the promotion’s first shows LPW Summer Heat, 25 year-old “The Definition of a Diva” Sammi Lane took on Davinne in a match where Lane stalled…and stalled

and stalled.

Before any stalling could happen though the crowd was certainly ready for this match. How could they not be? Lane’s opponent came out to “Scream” by Michael Jackson featuring Janet Jackson, which should automatically make booking Davinne a priority for any promoter in the northeast. The crowd watching this match is packed into the Elks Function Hall in Clinton, Massachusetts and look ready to have one of these women tear apart the other. However, Lane has different plans because rather than meeting Davinne head-on she goes out of the ring to confront a heckler.  For a while Lane is avoiding Davinne at all cost, but Davinne catches her with a pair of hip tosses followed by some work on Lane’s left arm.

Davinne’s offense is brief because before long Lane is literally running away from her. Lane ends up blindsiding Davinne and pulling out some Professional Wrestling 101 heel tactics. The match continues in much the same fashion until Lane catches Davinne by the legs and pins Davinne with her feet on the ropes. In defeat Davinne shows character as a babyface and the clip ends with her giving an autograph to a young fan in the crowd.

More recently Lane has been working more for her home promotion, New England Championship Wrestling (NECW), where she has been working for about seven years.

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