The USWA At Its Worst (Best?)

No, that’s not a villain from Masters of the Universe, but rather a Tennessee jobber planning to finally wreak havoc on the USWA.I’m not 100 percent sure who was under the mask, but a quick Google search led to this thread on Kayfabe Memories that names Jim Corbit as the man under the mask. As that thread mentions TA-GAR or as it was later spelled TAGAR did not last long despite having the cheesiest evil voice this side of The Shockmaster.

Of course this couldn’t be a truly legendary USWA gimmick if TA-GAR did not meet with Jerry Lawler at least once. I love how Lawler complains about TA-GAR’s mask being dangerous only to slam his fist right into it. Also, look out for an Eric Embry run-in and clips from a match featuring The Moondogs, Jimmy Hart and Jackie Fargo!

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  1. Jim Corbit is a made up name that caught on, there is no Jim Corbit


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