FCF: Sara Elektra Battles Leah Von Dutch

by Daniel Johnson

Sara Elektra vs. Leah Von Dutch

Last week I wrote about a match that the folks at Fight Club Finland (FCF) featured with two of their top male talents, so I thought I’d write about a women’s match from the FCF “Best of 2013” this week.

This bout took place exactly one month ago at the FCF Saturday Wrestling Slam event. One competitor in the match, Leah Von Dutch was trained by no less of a talent than WWE’s Edge so you know you’ll be in for a treat. Sara Elektra on the other hand has about as much charisma as anyone on the FCF roster including Jessica Love. Elektra plays to the crowd to open the match while Dutch is all business and pushes Elektra into a corner. However, Elektra hits the first move with an arm drag.

Dutch must have learned a bunch from the ultimate opportunist because after Elektra misses a charge and hits her throat on the ropes, Dutch is on her in a fraction of a second with some blatant chokes. After Dutch punishes the crowd and Elektra with some verbal abuse Elektra battles back with some pin attempts, but Dutch performs a handspring into a…back rake? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before and I think there is a reason for it.

Elektra  connects with some headscissors and a chop, but Dutch wallops her with a spear. Elektra puts Dutch on her back with a monkey flip and nearly puts her away with Trish  Stratus’ old finisher. Dutch then plants Elektra from a fireman’s carry position, but misses a moonsault. Elektra wraps the contest up by rolling Dutch up for a win.

This bout had some decent action in it and Dutch worked off of the crowd particularly well.

Finally, if you were really into this match you can check out a couple of stills from it here.

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