FCF: Cannonball Grizzly Challenges Heimo Ukonselka

by Daniel Johnson

Heimo Ukonselka vs. Cannonball Grizzly

The folks at Fight Club Finland (FCF) just uploaded a slew of matches to their YouTube channel and are promoting it as their “Best of 2013.” Tragically, commentator Rhubarb Johnson does not appear in all of the clips so this match from FCF Rock & Wrestling Rampage is sans commentary. As for the performers, Heimo Ukonselka has a great death metal look to him while Cannon Grizzly’s look is that of your typical big fat bald guy wrestler. Aside from looking like he is ready to thrash the night away, Ukonselka also held gold for the German based Pro Wrestling Fighters (PWF) promotion so in this bout the PWF North European Wrestling Championship is on the line!

Sadly, looks can be deceiving. Although Ukonselka comes out with an axe, instead of driving it into Grizzly’s bulbous dome, he instead gets jumped by Grizzly to start. Two things in particular stand out about this match. First, is that Grizzly utterly dominates it whether he is threatening to hit Ukonselka with a chair or trapping him in a bear hug. Second is that some of the crowd chants are just vile! Seriously, you might want to wash your ears out with soap after this clip because those in attendance never got their mouths washed out with it. At any rate though the lighting is pretty dark throughout and at times makes this match seem like a clip from The Blair Witch Project what comes through is that Ukonselka is in serious danger of losing his title. Heck at one point the crowd even starts cheering for top FCF face StarBuck to come out and save him! However, after a ref bump, Grizzly tries to end Ukonselka once and for all with a chair shot, but instead gets kicked in the gut and whacked with the chair by Ukonselka. After selling like a beast throughout the match, Ukonselka gets a win!

While the pace of this match was quite slow there was some fun interaction with the audience. This match is recommended viewing, but only if you are an adult or a very mature sperm cell.

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