Beyond Wrestling: Jonathan Gresham Faces Michael Elgin

by Daniel Johnson

Jonathan Gresham vs. Michael Elgin

When Michael Elgin isn’t bullying nerds or tearing it up at Beyond Wrestling live shows, Elgin is forever honing his craft so he can have memorable bouts like this. Likewise, Jonathan Gresham is a world traveled wrestler with a tremendous skill set that meshes well with Elgin. The Beyond Wrestling St. Louis Sleeper Cell Pilot Taping featured some swell action, but it is tough to believe that any match from that taping could top this one.

Elgin starts by tackling Gresham into a corner. Although Gresham relies on his speed he quickly changes it up to a more mat based style. There are also some incredible counters throughout the match. In particular at one point Gresham goes for a spinning DDT off the ropes and Gresham stops him mid move to give him a backbreaker. Despite each man’s wide skill set commentator Denver Colorado points out that both men have tunnel vision. Gresham for instance really wants to hit a German suplex, which seems unlikely given Elgin’s size advantage. Yet, during one surge of offense Gresham uses Elgin’s own momentum to hit a Karl Gotch pretty German suplex! As the match winds down Gresham lands a great move when he somehow counters a suplex with a hurricanrana, but in the end it is an Elgin bomb that wins the match.

If you’re interested in checking out more from Jonathan Gresham plenty is out there including this highlight package from CZW and this clinic with Biff Busick.

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