Indie Flashback: Alex Shelley Returns to AAW to Wrestle Michael Elgin

by Daniel Johnson

Alex Shelley vs. Michael Elgin

This bout took place in May 2011 and features Alex Shelley in his first match back in AAW after a long absence. In addition to being treated to Shelley’s encounter with Michael Elgin, this clip also features commentary by none other than “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Throughout the clip Douglas makes comments such as this bout being the big power against the fast and the smooth. Douglas also compares Elgin to Tazz.

To start the bout Elgin throws Shelley down to the mat. Oddly enough though the overwhelming majority of the match is then controled by mister one half of The Motor City Machine Guns. One series of moves looks particularly impressive when Shelley sends Elgin to the floor with some head scissors, keeps Elgin outside with a baseball slide kick, knocks Elgin in the face with a running knee from the ring apron to the floor and finally kicks Elgin in the head one last time with a top rope attack when Elgin gets back inside the ring. Elgin only stops Shelley’s momentum when he hits The Big Boss Man’s old finisher. Even then Shelley takes back control of the bout quickly enough. Eventually though the bout boils down to Shelley and Elgin exchanging strikes and there is just no way Shelley can convincingly best Elgin in such an exchange. A while later after two lariats and an Elgin bomb, the bigger man gets the win.

In more recent AAW news the company is scheduled to have their next show, AAW Path of Redemption in Berwyn, Illinois on February 28. Also, last month Eddie Kingston cut this promo.

To check out some more AAW action take a look at AAW: Young Faces Colon or for more Michael Elgin go to Beyond Wrestling: Jonathan Gresham Faces Michael Elgin.

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