AAW: Young Faces Colon

by Daniel Johnson

Silas Young vs. Alex Colon

This is a fun little match that AAW had to help kick off the summer. It features Silas Young, who is one of the most seasoned youthful independent wrestlers who has yet to really make a splash in WWE or TNA against Alex Colon, an even younger wrestler who is just starting to pick up steam. The bout begins with a bunch of scientific wrestling that leads to Young hitting some Ricky Steamboat-esque arm drags. Young then works on Colon’s arm, but only briefly because soon Colon is running away. Young goes for a suicide dive, but Colon just gives him a shot to the chops to stop it. Well, I guess that’s one way to defend yourself.

As the match slows down for a bit the commentary team randomly put over The Great Muta and The ECW Arena. Out of nowhere Colon gives Young a hard knee to the face or at least a knee that sounded hard. At any rate it might just make CM Punk cringe. After trading some two counts Colon then gets Young in a camel clutch. Unfortunately for Colon he is oddly enough the one tapping a few short minutes later when Young clamps on the stock lock. Young gave a really impressive showing for as brief as this match was while Colon delivered as a foil.

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