NEFW: Dunn Battles Gargano in a Beyond Wrestling Rematch

by Daniel Johnson

“The Juice” JT Dunn vs. Johnny Gargano

The folks at Beyond Wrestling took a break from featuring their own matches this week in favor of showcasing some action from some similar promotions. In fact, the above clip is a rematch from an encounter that first happened at the Beyond Wrestling Americanrana show. Denver Colorado provides commentary for this match from New England Frontier Wrestling (NEFW) and builds up Johnny Gargano, the current long reigning holder of DGUSA’s Open the Freedom Gate Championship, as a young man who has done it all. Likewise, the winner of the 2012 Crown J, “The Juice” JT Dunn gets his props as well as Colorado talks up the hot streak he has been on for roughly two years.

The match starts off with some dueling cheers as Gargano and Dunn, respectively try to get fans to cheer for them by holding up signs. However, Gargano gets jealous and tears up Dunn’s sign. Soon enough Dunn has some jealously of his own, or at least I would think he would, in being jealous of Gargano for having a chest that doesn’t feel like he took a belly flop into an empty pool. Yes, despite Gargano having a talent for hitting light strikes and making them look deadly, some of the chops he hits Dunn with are just plain brutal. Gargano even sells it like he hurts his hand chopping Dunn, but I’m not convinced Gargano is even really selling it or if he is just really hurting his hand with those chops.

Anyway, aside from some strikes each wrestler pulls off some brilliant combinations of moves. For instance, in one comeback Dunn hits a clothesline, back elbow and dropkick then as Gargano is retreating Dunn follows that up with a suicide dive and a top rope plancha. Eventually, Dunn falls victim to Gargano’s finisher, the hurts donut, which is a full nelson facebuster. Dunn comes back from it though and gets arguably his biggest win ever after two ripcord elbows.

Gargano and Dunn are not finished though. According to the NEFW Facebook page the two will wrestle for a third time on December 7. Also, in other Beyond Wrestling news, a new clip from Beyond Wrestling Point of No Return has been uploaded.

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