Beyond Wrestling: “The Lariat” DJ Hyde Batters Darius Carter

by Daniel Johnson

“The Lariat” DJ Hyde vs. Darius Carter

This bout emanating from the CZW Academy is a unique one as it pits two natural heels, “The Lariat” DJ Hyde and Darius Carter against one another. Carter shows off his trademark cockiness to start by shouting to the other wrestlers at Beyond Wrestling All Killer, “Am I supposed to be scared of him?” However Carter’s much smaller size soon makes him the underdog and the de facto face of this match.

Carter begins his offense with two forearm shots that Hyde no-sells in the same vein of no-selling as shown by The Undertaker, Kane or Brock Lesnar on their most intimidating days. Hyde then responds with a forearm shot that levels his opponent. Likewise, a bit later Hyde no-sells some chops from Carter. Instead of stopping there though Hyde actually pulls down the straps on his singlet and urges Carter to chop him again. Hyde then responds with a chop of his own that sends Carter retreating outside to the floor.

After Hyde picks Carter apart on the outside, Carter manages to get in some offense back inside the ring. Carter takes Hyde down with a schoolboy and also lands some sick looking kicks to Hyde’s face. Hyde stops Carter’s momentum dead in it’s tracks with a spear…or so we are left to believe for a short time. Carter makes another attempt to win the match with a DDT, but Hyde plants him with a devastating looking half nelson choke suplex that reminds me of a certain someone in his prime. Somehow we are supposed to believe that Carter can get back from this enough to land two running kicks to Hyde’s head. When Carter goes for a third Hyde nearly takes his head off with a killer lariat!

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