Beyond Wrestling: Biff Busick Wrestles Pinkie Sanchez

by Daniel Johnson

Biff Busick vs. Pinkie Sanchez

Since the year is amazingly almost halfway over I thought it would be fun to take a lot back at the start of the year for a company that has been having an incredible 2014, Beyond Wrestling. Speaking of incredible years one of the men in this clip, Biff Busick has had perhaps the best year of his career in 2014 as at CZW Proving Grounds 2014 he won the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. Pinkie Sanchez has been no slouch either this year as he has been as charismatic and silly as ever.

As for this match from a Beyond Wrestling All Killer taping it starts out with just a smidge of chain wrestling that allows the two men to feel each other out. Somewhere in there Busick contorts Sanchez’s head in such a way that commentator Denver Colorado has to call attention to how red it is getting. Business picks up when Sanchez dropkicks Busick out of the ring. Sanchez then dives over the ropes only to be caught by Biff and then hit with a rough sounding European uppercut.

Pinkie’s power is a little tough to buy in this one such as when he gives Busick an attitude adjustment into one corner of the ring. Sanchez’s high flying is much easier to believe, which is best shown when the bout winds down and he hits a pele style double kick off the ropes. Sanchez then showcases his agility in his selling when Busick hits an absolutely sick clothesline on Sanchez that flips him over. From there Busick delivers a gutwrench into a powerbomb and covers Pinkie for a three count.

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