Indie Flashback: Osyris Squashes Sal Thomaselli in EPW

by Daniel Johnson

Osyris vs. Sal Thomaselli

There are two reasons I wanted to post this clip. First, Elite Pro Wrestling (EPW) was a more than decent promotion back in 2009 when this match took place that I never see talked about on the interwebs anymore. Second, hefty wrestlers who can work like Osyris are becoming rarer and rarer not just in mainstream American wrestling like WWE and TNA, but even on the independent scene.

Despite this being a straightforward squash match, Sal Thomaselli in general isn’t exactly a jobber as a list of titles he has won shows. Yet as is the case in all squash matches the emphasis of this bout is on the squasher rather than the squashee. Osyris makes this clear from the start of the bell by no selling Thomaselli’s punches. From there Thomaselli gets in virtually no other offense. In fact, as far as the structure of the match goes Osyris is a bigger opponent to himself than Thomaselli is. The only time Osyris looks in trouble is when he does things like misses two big splashes into the ring corners. Unfortunately for Thomaselli the big splash giveth and the big splash taketh away.  Osyris hammers this point home when he wins with a big splash off the top rope! After the match Osyris’ manager, Vito Thomaselli (Sal’s own brother to add insult to injury) cuts a promo hyping his man.

All three men involved in this clip still work the indies though these days Osyris is looking noticeably leaner.

To read more about EPW click here. To check out a match featuring one of the most popular wrestlers to ever perform for EPW, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) click here.

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