Beyond Wrestling: Ophidian Wrestles Aaron Epic

by Daniel Johnson

Ophidian vs. Aaron Epic

This singles match pits two wrestlers against each other who may be better known for their tag team wrestling as of late. Representing Osirian Portal is Beyond Wrestling newcomer Ophidian and representing The KOA is Beyond Wrestling veteran Aaron Epic. Commentator Denver Colorado points out that Ophidian has the home advantage in this match as it took place at the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory. At any rate it begins with a lot of mat wrestling and neither man gaining a clear advantage.

As the bout progresses Ophidian proves to be the superior mat wrestler with such moves as tucking his legs behind Epic’s arms and pulling himself back as well as a modified rings of Saturn hold. Epic doesn’t give up though and instead turns the bout into a striking contest. Although Epic comes out on top when it comes to striking Ophidian throws him off of his game with a schoolboy. Ophidian then clamps on another modified rings of Saturn before kicking Epic in the face, getting Epic in a bronco buster position and planting his knees in Epic’s face then putting his feet to Epic’s face a few more times for good measure. Epic comes back with a wheelbarrow suplex, but a short while later Ophidian hits an even more devastating looking suplex from the cobra clutch position. Although Ophidian hits a powerful looking double knee drop from the top rope, Epic wins the match with a short arm clothesline.

The folks at Beyond Wrestling have also uploaded some short clips this week that can be found here, here and here. If you’re interested in reading about and watching other recent full Beyond Wrestling matches then check out Beyond Wrestling: Jonathan Gresham Faces Michael Elgin and Beyond Wrestling: Shynron’s Second Match.

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