XWE: Bishop Battles Beefhammer

by Daniel Johnson

Jerry Bishop vs. Duke Beefhammer

I’ve written before about how performers for Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (XWE) have awesome names. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if those of you reading this are doing so solely because you saw the word, “Beefhammer” in the title. After all when I saw that the folks at XWE uploaded a match with a guy named Duke Beefhammer late last year I know I could only go so long without featuring it on The Johnson Transcript.

To start the match Jerry Bishop claps to get the fans into the action and presumably in support of him. However, within moments he shouts at Beefhammer, “Do you know who I am, boy? This is my house!” Okay, I was getting babyface vibes from Bishop for a few seconds, but he turned that around mighty quick. Maybe he’s just a jerk in real life? At any rate Bishop hits Beefhammer with a hip toss then tortures him by working on his arm. Beefhammer sells this brilliantly by crying out, “Oh God it hurts!” Seriously can WWE or TNA just hire this guy as a jobber? I’m seeing something in Beefhammer that reminds me of the days of Duane Gill, Iron Mike Sharpe and Barry Horowitz! He would fit in great with Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum!

Beefhammer actually gets some offense in after Bishop misses a charge and crotches himself on the ropes. Beefhammer attacks with a clothesline and stays in control for a long while. However, Beefhammer then misses a charge, but misses it very, very slowly then completely misses an elbow drop. When’s CHIKARA coming back? If mainstream American wrestling fans can’t have Beefhammer as a jobber than supporters of the major indies should at least have him as a comedy wrestler! Winding down Beefhammer hits a few more moves including a fisherman’s suplex (!), but ultimately falls victim to Bishop’s super kick.

For another bout that mixes some great over the top selling and comedy check out Indie Flashback: Scot Summers Defends the ACW Heavyweight Championship Against Mat Fitchett.

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