XWE: Battle of the Epic Indie Names

by Daniel Johnson

Papa Dingo vs. Kris Kahoz

I took one look at the name of the combatants in this match and knew I had to feature it on The Johnson Transcript. In one corner of this match from the Ohio based Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (XWE) we have Papa Dingo, who looks like the lovechild of Kamala and The Ultimate Warrior’s old WCCW gimmick, The Dingo Warrior. In the other corner we have Kris Kahoz, which is like Kris Chaos, only spelled all creative like.

As for the in-ring action, Dingo first knocks down Kahoz with a clothesline and it is a pretty predictable squash match from there. Kahoz gets in a little bit of offense and even repeatedly asks the audience if he should slam Dingo. When Kahoz finally gets around to slamming Dingo it is a slam attempt and a slam fail. As the match wraps up Dingo delivers a series of headbutts, a double chokeslam and then signals for the kill. The way Dingo signals for the kill is quite unique as he completely breaks character at 6:12 in the clip and says, “You going to die now, *expletive*.” Dingo then goes to the top rope and annihilates Kahoz with a big splash that is pulled off quite well.

All in all it is a short and fun bout. Sure, there are some flaws, but the cooky names make up for it.

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