Indie Flashback: AR Fox and Uhaa Nation in a Spotastic Match

by Daniel Johnson

AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation

Fans of insanely athletic spots will get a kick out of this match. Despite this bout between AR Fox and Uhaa Nation being well under 10 minutes, the two get in all their usual highly difficult to achieve moves plus many more. It’s like watching Paul London, Billy Kidman and Jimmy Yang in their primes all trying to outdo each other, but without the restrictions WWE placed on them while they were all in the same company. Within seconds of the match starting Fox hits a kick flip moonsault from the apron to the floor. Fox then tries to follow it up with a hurricanrana from the apron, but instead just gets powerbombed on that same apron. The two go back inside the ring for just a moment during which time Nation hits a standing moonsault. The action then spills outside once more when AR Fox does a springboard 450 splash from the ring to the floor. Nation scissor kicks Fox and then hits a top rope plancha on him.

As you may have noticed by now the match doesn’t have a butt load of psychology or selling in it. However, Fox sells as if he is super wonky after he takes a release German suplex from the top rope (how could he not?). Nation performs another sick standing move, this time a standing shooting star press, but it is not enough to defeat Fox. After one failed attempt, Fox succeeds in winning the bout with lo mein pain.

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