Beyond Wrestling: Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush Debuts Against Aaron Epic

by Daniel Johnson

Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush vs. Aaron Epic

This match is a unique addition to Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube channel as there is a version of this match also on the Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) YouTube channel. The only difference is the Beyond Wrestling version comes without commentary. I decided to feature this version on The Johnson Transcript because I know there are a lot of fans of grunting and heavy breathing visiting this site. How do I know that? Well, looking at search terms that have led to this site I noticed not just one, but several people have come to this site after typing in “taka michinoku naked” so yeah there are some odd Transcriptonians out there. I mean looking up naked men on the Internet is one thing, but looking up naked Kai En Tai members is a whole different ball game.

On a less creepy note Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush tries to take Aaron Epic down early on with a shoulder block at this match from the most recent Beyond Wrestling All Killer tapings. Epic just shrugs it off and strikes Rush in the face. This ticks Rush off who hits a much more vicious shoulder block that knocks Epic down. For a while the two are going move for move and even trade running attacks when Epic hits a forearm and Rush responds with a dropkick. The best exchange of the match though has to be when Rush turns Epic’s tornado DDT attempt into a jackhammer. The move even gets a Goldberg heckle from someone at the CZW Academy. Rush then pulls off a move that Bill Goldberg never could by jumping super high and kicking Epic in the face. Rush follows it up with a sick looking powerbomb, but Epic pulls out the victory when he hits Rush with his fastball punch finisher.

To see more of Aaron Epic check out Beyond Wrestling: Tournament for Tomorrow Finals Rematch and Beyond Wrestling: Ophidian Wrestles Aaron Epic. To see TAKA Michinoku naked try some place else.

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