Beyond Wrestling: Tournament for Tomorrow Finals Rematch

by Daniel Johnson

ACH vs. Aaron Epic

This Beyond Wrestling match comes from the show CZW Down with the Sickness and is a rematch from Beyond Wrestling’s awesome Tournament for Tomorrow event, which featured ACH and Aaron Epic in the tournament finals.

The match is actually a good deal shorter than the Tournament for Tomorrow finals, but ACH and Epic can still pack a lot into the roughly seven minutes they have to work. The two trade armdrags before flying around the ring in some tough to follow action, which ACH slows down by hitting a beautiful dropkick. The match looks to speed right back up, but instead Epic hits ACH with a back elbow and eventually the two start trading strikes. Initially, Epic comes out on top of this exchange, but then ACH jumps and nails Epic with a clotheslines. A few seconds later ACH goes from the ring apron to walloping Epic with an ace crusher. Still, Epic is not out of gas yet and nearly wins the bout with a hard knee to ACH’s face. The encounter spills briefly to the outside at which point ACH delivers a modified corkscrew dive that really gets the fans hyped up. After trading some kicks, ACH plants Epic on the mat and ends up making him tap.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, the folks at the company have been busy this week and uploaded an addition to the A Lot Can Happen in a Minute series featuring Biff Busick and Eddie Edwards as well as another clip from Beyond Wrestling Point of No Return featuring Anthony Stone and Nicholas Kaye. Also, the long awaited Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II will finally take place one week from today and more information about that show can be found here.

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