Supafli Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo Courtesy of Supafli

Interviewer’s Note: Supafli is a masked wrestler based in Iowa who has been performing since 2008. Supafli has worked for a variety of promotions including Magnum Pro Wrestling (MPW), Pro Wrestling Phoenix (PWP) and 3XWrestling (3XW). In 3XW, Supafli defeated Mark Sterling for the 3XW Pure Wrestling Championship in early 2013. From there Supafli held the 3XW Pure Wrestling Championship for 133 days before dropping the title to Casanova. In the future Supafli hopes to work for AAW, Dreamwave Wrestling and eventually for the largest promotion in the world, WWE. Supafli has a Facebook fan page that can be found here and Supafli can be found on YouTube here. This interview was completed on November 8, 2013. In this interview Supafli and I focus on the topic of being a masked wrestler in 2013.

Daniel Johnson: In a nutshell how would you describe yourself as a performer?
Supafli: To describe myself as a performer I just say entertaining and fun. I’m all about having fun putting on a show.

Daniel Johnson: For those unfamiliar with you where and when were you born and when did you start wrestling?
Supafli: I was born in Mexico City, Iowa on October 11, 1988 and I started training for wrestling in January of 2008 and had my first match in June of 2008.

Daniel Johnson: When did you know you wanted to become a pro wrestler and how did you find a place to get trained? Also, is there anywhere in Iowa today you would suggest for prospective wrestlers in the area as a place to get trained?
Supafli: I think I knew I wanted to become a professional wrestler almost instantly when I first became a fan. I was lucky enough to have found a place near my area that was training people at the time so that’s how I began training. Right now there is not really a set place to train at. It’s all kind of scattered and there’s no weekly training sessions, but hopefully someone will start something here soon.

Daniel Johnson: Since you wrestle with a mask I was curious who was the first masked wrestler you ever saw work?
Supafli: The first masked wrestler I ever saw was Rey Mysterio.

Daniel Johnson: What masked wrestlers have most inspired you? Also, what unmasked wrestlers have inspired you?
Supafli: Rey was really the big inspiration for me. As far as unmasked wrestlers I mean I could go on and on for days. Chris Benoit, The Rock yeah I just could go on for days, Chris Jericho.

Daniel Johnson: What was the first match you ever had and what stands out from it for you?
Supafli: My first ever match was a gauntlet style match and really the only thing that stands out from it was I remember going for a whisper in the wind and just completely over shot the guy and missed.

Daniel Johnson: What made you first decide to wear a mask as a wrestler?
Supafli: I decided to start wrestling under a mask just as an easy way to start and get experience without the fear of embarrassing myself.

Daniel Johnson: What made you decide on the style of mask you went with? Did you have any matches before deciding to wear a mask?
Supafli: I’ve tried about three or four different styles of masks and I’m sticking with the one I currently have just for comfort reasons.

Daniel Johnson: For those who have never wrestled with a mask on what is the experience like? How hot does it get under there and is it ever tough to see?
Supafli: Other ones were hard to breathe out of, hard to see, just uncomfortable to wear and that would be some of the disadvantages of wearing a mask.

Daniel Johnson: What advantages would you say there are to wrestling in a mask over not wrestling in mask?
Supafli: To me the advantages are its just really exciting to put it on. You become a different person and I think that’s the big advantage of wearing a mask. I can take it off and just become a normal person and not have to worry about always staying character. Although I do always keep the mask on at all times at every show.

Daniel Johnson: Have you ever wrestled in a mask vs. mask match or a mask vs. hair match? If not then would you like to?
Supafli: I have wrestled in one mask vs mask match.

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned you had one mask vs. mask match. Could you explain the circumstances surrounding this match? Also, any chance you will wrestle in another one in the near future?
Supafli: The mask vs. mask match came about from a few that I had when I first started wrestling with another masked wrestler, which culminated in a hardcore mask vs. mask match and I don’t see another one happening in the near future.

Daniel Johnson: Ever thought about wrestling unmasked or is the mask there to stay no matter what?
Supafli: Yes, the mask is here to stay.

Daniel Johnson: I also had some more general questions about your career. Recently you have been working a lot for 3XW. For those unfamiliar with it how would you describe the atmosphere of it and what would you say that might inspire readers to check it out?
Supafli: As far as 3xw they’re a great promotion to work for as is every promotion that I work for now. They bring a bigger stage feel to independent wrestling with their production and set up.

Daniel Johnson: In 3XW you held the 3XW Pure Wrestling Championship for roughly four months. What was the most memorable part of this title reign for you and would you like to hold the title again in the near future?
Supafli: Nothing in particular stands out about my title run. The whole thing in itself was just a blast, but I do feel that I lost it unfairly and hope to get another shot at it in the future.

Daniel Johnson: What do you consider your best match for 3XW to be to date?
Supafli: My best match in 3xw probably would have been my victory over Mark Sterling to win the championship.

Daniel Johnson: Looking beyond 3XW are there any other promotions you would like to work for in the near future?
Supafli: Other promotions I’d like to work for are AAW and Dreamwave in this area. Obviously, I’d like to go to bigger places elsewhere.

Daniel Johnson: What makes AAW and Dreamwave Wrestling stand out as places in particular you would like to work?
Supafli: AAW and Dreamwave are just chances to grow, get new exposure and work new people.

Daniel Johnson: Where do you hope to be in wrestling in five years?
Supafli: In five years I hope to be in WWE or at least Ring of Honor (ROH).

Daniel Johnson: This is sort of a random question, but I always try to sneak it in there. I always like to hear ribs and road stories. Do you have any that you would be able to share?
Supafli: As far as ribs or road stories go I could sit here and talk to you all day. There is just so much to tell I don’t know where to start lol. If you want a really good one about me just ask Derek Cornell about Wisconsin. He’s a much better road story telling guy than me.

Daniel Johnson: I also like to ask five non-wrestling related questions just to bring a little uniqueness to the interview. Outside of wrestling, what television shows do you enjoy watching these days?
Supafli: TV shows and movies I watched a ton of both. Right now I am really big into Arrow.

Daniel Johnson: What was your favorite movie that came out this year?
Supafli: My favorite movie this year can’t really think of anything in particular. I’ve seen a lot of great ones this year.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite food that you tried for the first time this year?
Supafli: Favorite food that I’ve tried this year is nothing because I never go outside of my box with food lol.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song to come out this year?
Supafli: My favorite song this year had to be “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

Daniel Johnson: What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Supafli: I don’t read books lol.

Daniel Johnson: I wanted to close with just a few more brief wrestling questions. What is the weirdest part of being a pro wrestler?
Supafli: Weirdest part about being a pro wrestler has to be how comfortable you become with half naked men lol.

Daniel Johnson: Who is one wrestler 25 or under that you think readers should know about?
Supafli: Wrestlers under 25 that I could shout out are Nate Redwing, JJ Garrett and Jeff O’Shea. I could name more but I’m not sure if they’re 25 or under lol.

Daniel Johnson: What advice would you give to any prospective masked wrestlers?
Supafli: Advice to prospective masked wrestlers is to always stay in gimmick at shows. Please take it seriously.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to add?
Supafli: As far as promoting anything I would just like to promote indie wrestling in general. I had such a blast the last five years and met so many good, good people and made so many great friends. I’m truly thankful for independent wrestling. If there is an independent promotion near you go out and support them if you are a wrestling fan.

Check out the masked man, Supafli in action! In this match from MPW, Supalfi takes on the well traveled Japanese warrior, Akira Tozawa:

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