Michael Elgin Bullies a Nerd

Unless you don’t follow independent wrestling at all then you’re probably aware that Michael Elgin has been tearing things up this year. Most notably he earned Ring of Honor their first five star match in five years from Dave Meltzer in a bout with Davey Richards. Here is a more low key match though.

Scotty O’Shea is no slacker either and I love the Hacker gimmick. Thinking about it I’m surprised there hasn’t been an Anonymous gimmick in wrestling. You know a really obvious one with a Guy Fawkes’ mask on and everything.  Anyway, Elgin makes short work of O’Shea despite getting a field goal kick to the noggin. Elgin fights back after some early dominance from O’Shea and powerbombs Hacker into the corner and then finishes him off with a spinning sit-out powerbomb.


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