25 and Under: Jack Gallow at WOW Warehouse Wars 2

by Daniel Johnson

Jack Gallow vs. Jason Kross

This bout from Warriors of Wrestling (WOW) features some intriguing young talent performing in New York City. Well, at least for those of you who consider Staten Island part of New York City. In this WOW Warehouse Wars 2 bout the commentators play up the amateur wrestling background of Jack Gallow as well as mention he has some experience in Jiu-Jitsu.

Gallow is accompanied by Neftali Rodriguez as he is part of Neftali Rodriguez’s Syndicate. However, given the fact that Gallow spends about 90 percent of this match beating the tar out of Jason Kross it doesn’t appear he needs much help. First, Gallows out wrestles Cross then he overpowers Kross with a shoulder block. A while later Gallow is torturing Cross with some European uppercuts then nails a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. With the beating Kross is taking you almost would swear Scott Steiner really gave him the suplex and the bout was a shoot. Every time Kross gets in a bit of offense it is brief and unconvincing. There is being a babyface who can sell in the classic Ricky Morton style and then there is just flat out jobbing. Kross appears to be too close to the jobbing side of the spectrum. For the finish Kross lands a lucky drop toe hold, which sends Gallow’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Kross dropkicks Gallow’s back and then hits some clotheslines and an STO. Kross sets up for his burning Kross finisher, but Rodriquez grabs his leg. It is impossible to buy that Kross was going to come out on top at this point anyway, but this emphasizes the fact. Gallow hits Kross with a cheap shot and wins with a small package. This clip had some fun action even if it was way too one sided.

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