25 and Under: Simon Lotto Wrestles as a Mercenary

by Daniel Johnson

Simon Lotto vs. Jok

The back story to this match from California’s Insane Wrestling League (IWL) per the video’s YouTube description is that Jok cheesed off Eric Cross (your standard heel authority figure) so Simon Lotto has offered to punish Jok to get in Cross’ good graces.

As far as the aesthetics of this match go it looks like it took place in an empty storage unit. The competitors look good enough though for indie talent even if Jok’s face paint in the style of Sting during his phase copying The Crow makes him look a bit like a backyard guy.

Lotto does a great job of heeling it up throughout the match. When applying a simple wristlock Lotto yells to the crowd, “That’s how you wrestle baby.” Likewise as soon as the referee pulls Lotto off of Jok, Lotto gives him a quick cheap shot with a kick to the gut.

A funny part of this match is how audible the referee asking Lotto if he submits is during the most mundane restholds is. What isn’t funny are the chops Lotto lands on Jok in the corner. It’s a shame Lotto didn’t take a lesson from The Big Show as those chops would have looked way more effective if he ripped open Jok’s shirt. Oh well maybe next time. Lotto also botches a springboard, which leads to a ten count for both men. Shortly after this Lotto kicks Jok dead in the nuts to turn the tide back in his favor. At any rate Lotto wins the match with a frogsplash and afterwards tries to attack Jok with a weapon, but gets hit with a clothesline. A decent little match with some mistakes, but worth watching.

If you’re interested in more wrestling clips that look like they took place where the victims of serial killers are buried under the floor you may want to check out Willie Mack in a Dungeon and A Wrestling Rom Hack and a Wrestling Hacker.

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