25 and Under: Lucky O’Shea Defends Against a Bloodthirsty Vixen

by Daniel Johnson


Lucky O’Shea vs. Amanda “The Bloodthirsty Vixen”

World Independent Ladies Division (WILD) was a promotion formed in 2010 with it’s own event, but really shined in some showcase matches held on the cards of other promotions. In January 2011 one of these matches was held at California’s Insane Wrestling League (IWL) and featured the then WILD Championship holder, Lucky O’Shea defending against Amanda “The Blood Thirsty Vixen” at IWL New Years Wrestlelution.

This match has an odd dynamic. It is a two out of three falls match where the very first fall can only be by submission, the second fall is by pin and the third fall is a last man standing match. Given that submission is typically viewed as one of, if not the greatest way to completely defeat someone in wrestling today it is odd that, that was placed as the way to determine the first fall. Another odd thing is that after a variation of Bryan Danielson’s old cattle mutilation submission the heel gets the babyface, 1992 born Lucky O’Shea to submit.

The babyface is then positioned as an underdog and after a headscissors take down and a dropkick from the second rope she evens up the score. In the segment to determine the deciding fall is when Amanda really shines as a heel. First she complains about having an injured boob. Amanda is of course just playing possum because she attacks O’Shea from behind and punishes her with some forearms and hair pulling. Amanda further cheats by having her manager, Katie Locke choke O’Shea while the referee is not looking. Locke bends the rules a little more by later distracting O’Shea allowing Amanda to achieve more strikes then put her away with a slam. However, this cheating was just a little too much to take for the folks running WILD. Amanda may have gotten the win, but is not awarded the WILD Championship.

O’Shea’s reign eventually came to an end in another showcase match held at IWL Cross Out when Amanda beat her decisively. Amanda went on to have a fabulous 2011 wrestling around the country and notably working with Mickie Knuckles.

The full match can be seen right here:

WILD has since closed it’s doors as far as I can tell. IWL on the other hand is still around and the promotion’s next show will be IWL New Era 9 on September 28 in Monrovia, California. Click here for tickets.

The full results of IWL New Years Wrestlelution can be found here.

For more in the 25 and Under series with action from the golden state click here and here.

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