25 and Under: Our Young Hero, Eli Everfly Takes on a Voodoo Monster

by Daniel Johnson


Eli Everfly vs. Voodoo kAos

Eli Everfly is a wrestler in his early twenties based in southern California who just started wrestling last year. With a name like Eli Everfly you know just a few years he was a high school kid writing his then future ring name on his school books over and over again and soaking up as much from AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy matches as possible. The man is obviously a dedicated student of high flying wrestling and he proves this whether his match lasts five minutes or 20.

Everfly’s opponent for this performance from Santino Bros. Wrestling (SBW), Voodoo kAos works as a great foil for him. Voodoo has something of a monster gimmick so he keeps trying to intimidate Everfly with a mixture of weird growls and facial expressions. Everfly hits his most impressive spot on Voodoo a bit early when he seamlessly bounces off the ropes, lands on Voodoo’s shoulders in an electric chair position then spins around only to land on his feet. Aside from this Kofi Kingston-esque save, Everfly delivers a lot of more fierce high flying attacks including one flying assault that somehow turns into a standard DDT.

Perhaps even more than Everfly’s offense what stands out is Everfly’s selling. It takes a worthy performer to make it look like a monster is really going to kill them in the ring or that monster doesn’t look so bad after all. Everfly sells, sells and then sells some more and this SBW Weekly Showcase crowd eats it up. The best instance of this comes right before the conclusion of the clip when Everfly takes a powerbomb turned into a piledriver and you swear the guy is going to be a quadriplegic.

Plenty more action like this can also be found on Everfly’s YouTube channel.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next SBW Showcase will take place on August 29 in Bell Gardens, California. Click here for more information.

For the full results of the edition of the SBW Weekly Showcase this match took place on click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring high flying talent click here and here.

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