25 and Under: Ace Perry at NEW in Indiana

by Daniel Johnson


Ace Perry vs. Jacob Johns

Ace Perry is a wrestler who works a high flying style and is great at selling. Wrestling out of Indiana some promotions he has worked for include IWA: Mid-South, Evolution Pro Wrestling (EPW) and New Era Wrestling (NEW). According to his brand new cagematch.net page he has only been wrestling since 2012 and is quite young being born in 1990.

Perry has wrestled a bunch of matches where he works against other cruiserweights, but his match with Jacob Johns was not one of these encounters. Johns is a super heavyweight. After Johns comes out with his manager David Lee (not Roth) he fires away with a bunch of forearms and stomping. Perry only gets to show his stuff when Johns misses a charge and sends himself flying over the ropes. Perry then delivers a suicide dive. It is not the last high flying move Perry scores, but his next one sees him attempt a crossbody and go right into the waiting arms of Johns. The little man soon takes a slam. While in charge Johns performs The Big Boss Man’s old move of hitting his opponent by going crotch first into the ropes while the opponent is hanging on the middle rope.

Perhaps the niftiest move of the match is when Perry attempts a head scissors take down and the big man cartwheels away from it.  It is not the smoothest cartwheel, but impressive for a man Johns’ side nonetheless. While Johns is plenty agile unfortunately even with his moveset he never boogies down the way Boss Man and Akeem did in The Twin Towers back in the day.

The full match can be seen right here:

NEW isn’t currently promoting any upcoming shows, but NEW The Fourth Annual Mark Kuhn Invitational just took place this past Saturday. To check out a poster from that event click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring cuiserweight wrestlers click here and here.

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