25 and Under: Mallaki Matthews Wrestles Jeff O’Shea at D1W in Indiana

by Daniel Johnson


Mallaki Matthews vs. Jeff O’Shea

Mallaki Matthews is a 21 year-old wrestler originally from Davenport, Iowa, but who has traveled well outside of his home state to seek his fortune. Matthews most regularly works for Dreamwave Wrestling in Illinois. This young man has also worked for a slew of other promotions including Beyond Wrestling, IWA: Mid-South, and Indiana’s Destination One Wrestling (D1W), which was recently re-branded as Premier Destination Wrestling (PDW).

At the July 26, 2013 D1W show, Mallaki Matthews was only in his second calendar year as a wrestler. Heck, the results for the show don’t even list him! However, Matthews has obviously been a student of the game for a lot longer than he has been a wrestler. With half his hair dyed blonde, there hasn’t been a hairstyle that obnoxious in wrestling since Michael Cole stopped frosting his tips.

By contrast Matthews’ opponent Jeff O’Shea comes out with plain black gear, a black headband, and a vest with cut off sleeves. The crowd is on O’Shea’s side instantly. In turn all Matthews can do is plead, “Don’t boo me, don’t boo me.”

O’Shea charges Matthews to start off and gets a knee to the gut for his troubles. Matthews follows up with a headlock, but O’Shea soon clamps on one of his own. O’Shea then delivers a kick followed by planting Matthews face first on the mat. If Matthews keeps taking spots like that he’ll have teeth (or a lack there of) like Mark Briscoe!

Matthews gains control of the match through underhanded means such as blatantly putting his knee across O’Shea’s throat. Come on ref! I don’t think Earl Hebner, Tim White, or heck even Nick Patrick would put up with that!

O’Shea looks to make a comeback, but runs right into a clothesline. O’Shea then has a hope spot by scoring a knee to Matthews’ face. The good guy soon delivers a plethora of clotheslines, but Matthews catches him and slams him using one arm.

Nevertheless Matthews gets cocky and does a headstand for a nanosecond on the turnbuckles. In that time O’Shea super kicks him then executes a beautiful belly-to-back suplex and finally a dropkick for the victory.

The full match can be seen right here:

D1W has been re-branded as PDW. PDW is currently on hiatus, but the company’s official website advises wrestling fans to check out Production House Wrestling (PHW), which just held a show on June 16. To view a poster from that event click here.

For the (mostly) full results of the July 26, 2013 D1W show click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring action out of Indiana click here and here.

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