Indie Flashback: Angel Blue and Addy Starr Each Strive to be the Queen of Queens

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoAngel Blue vs. Addy Starr

At Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) in Austin, Texas, the ACW Queen of Queens Tournament has been a great annual event to showcase female talent since 2009. While ACW has fine women’s matches all year a couple of years ago, the ACW Queen of Queens Tournament 2013 was a real treat.

Although not every great card has a great opener, it certainly goes a long way. Thankfully for this show that responsibility fell into the more than capable hands of Angel Blue and Addy Starr.

Aside from each performer being all around talented it certainly helped each had an amazing 2013 up to that point. Blue was one of four people in The Business stable claiming the ACW Tag Team Championship. The others were Jojo Bravo, Chris Trew, and Thomas Shire, in case you’re curious. Meanwhile Starr represented Inter Species Wrestling (ISW) in this clip as just eight days before this show she won the ISW Undisputed King of Crazy Championship.

Blue dodges a strike to start off and then slaps Starr. Starr takes about as kindly to this as some folks take to panda bears. As such Starr performs two armdrags then a hip toss for good measure. Shortly thereafter Starr nails a cool move in the corner where she tangles Blue in the ropes then climbs the ropes and drops her knees across Blue’s belly.

When Blue finally takes control of the match she is vicious and keeps driving Starr’s head into the mat. To send home the message she is a heel, Blue clamps on a camel clutch. A while later Blue performs a Boston crab variation. What is the variation, you ask? Perhaps a single leg Boston crab like good old Lance Storm used to do, right? Nope. Instead Blue twists her own body slightly and yanks Starr up by the hair. Now, that’s good heel work!

You can almost hear Gorilla Monsoon calling the action as Starr fires back with some shots to the breadbasket and and a gut wrench suplex. Blue remains in control until the two start exchanging forearms and then Starr pulls out a t-bone suplex.

For the finish Blue wallops Starr with a flying backside to the face then a back cracker for a successful pin.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next ACW show will be ACW From Innocence to Insanity 9 on July 26 in Austin, Texas. Click here for tickets.

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