Indie Flashback: ACH Wrestles JC Bravo at ACW

by Daniel Johnson


ACH vs. JC Bravo

This match took place nearly five years ago and since that time JC Bravo has proven himself as a real Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) guy. Bravo has stayed with the promotion since debuting in 2007, rarely taken a booking elsewhere and wrestles on most shows. Meanwhile ACH still wrestles for ACW occasionally and has found a new home at Ring of Honor (ROH). There ACH has been tearing the place up with incredible match after incredible match.

Stepping in the wayback machine and going back to 2009 for a minute (or ten) this match is quite enjoyable. While both men were considerably less experienced the home crowd at ACW’s home venue, The Mohawk love them! What’s not to love? Bravo comes out with his stable at the time, Smurf Nation and 1980’s cartoons are just fine with me. Although one guy heckles ACH by saying his name stands for “A Crappy Homo,” ACH just shrugs it off and gets down to business.

As for the dynamic of the match, ACH teases a test of strength to begin, but instead of locking up with Bravo he just smacks him. From there a lot of exciting mat wrestling tacks place until Bravo slows the pace way down with a chinlock (a masterclass in chinlock is taught at The Randy Orton School of Restholds). ACH does not stay down for long and soon the two are kicking each other’s legs, which turns into an impromptu House Party reference (check out the movie to see what I mean). The final section of the match sees a man dressed in a pumpkin mask come down and kicks Bravo’s brains out. What better way to cap off a clip? Well, if you’re baked anyway.

Also, an interesting side note to this match is that it was a dark match for a show co-promoted by ACW and the Independent Wrestling Association: Texas (IWA: Texas) called ACW/IWA: Texas Evolution Of The Revolution 2009. This would be final card promoted under the joint ACW/IWA: Texas banner before ACW would only use their current name to promote events.

ACH will next be appearing for ROH on August 9 on the ROH Summer Heat Tour 2014. Click here for tickets.

JC Bravo will next be appearing for ACW on August 24 at ACW Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2014. Click here for tickets.

The full match can be seen right here:

For the full results of ACW/IWA: Texas Evolution Of The Revolution 2009 click here.

For some more Indie Flashback action from Texas click here and here.

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