Indie Flashback: Mike Dennis Wrestles Brady Pierce at STW

by Daniel Johnson


Mike Dennis vs. Brady Pierce

Mike Dennis aka Bonesaw trained under current WWE star Darren Young and has wrestled for the Pro Wrestling Syndicate (PWS), the generically named Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) and even…Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)!

That’s right despite being 100 percent man Dennis popped up more than once when WSU held shows in conjunction with National Wrestling Superstars (NWS). Dennis even won the WSU/NWS King & Queen of the Ring 2012, teaming with Jennifer Cruz. More recently Dennis had a 208 day run with the PWS Heavyweight Championship that ended in April.

Dennis has also wrestled for some more obscure promotions like Space Town Wrestling (STW) out of Houston, Texas. Some years ago Dennis wrestled Brady Pierce in a loser leaves town match. Given that you probably never heard of STW, the match wasn’t necessarily Mr. Perfect forcing Ric Flair out of the WWF, but the two deliver a solid performance.

Dennis cuts a heel promo to open saying he’ll lay down in the ring, but that only lures Pierce into a false sense of security. Soon Dennis is choking, knocking Pierce around with closed fists and laying in some heelish chops. Pierce makes a comeback with a lengthy stalling suplex and while he suffers a kick to the face, Pierce looks to finish Dennis off.

Pierce wins with a fallaway slam that doesn’t quite measure up to Razor Ramon’s, but pops some fans. Dennis is gone, chico.

The full match can be seen right here:

STW has apparently long closed its doors as far as I can tell because it is impossible to find any recent information about the company online. As such I have no idea when their last show was or where full results can be found to the event where this match took place. However, if you have an answer for either or both of these concerns send me an e-mail here.

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