Indie Flashback: Andrew Palace Wrestles Jimmy Nutts at FSW Lord of the Ring 2013

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoAndrew Palace vs. Jimmy Nutts

In October 2013, Five Star Wrestling (FSW) based out of West Virginia was without a top guy holding the FSW Heavyweight Championship. The former champ, Stryder had vacated the title necessitating that the new champ be crowned at FSW Lord of the Ring 2013. This tournament has become an annual event for the company and on this night two young lions making their debut, Andrew Palace and Jimmy Nutts strove not only to win the tournament, but to capture the FSW Heavyweight Championship.

As Gorilla Monsoon would say this match starts with a total Pearl Harbor job when Palace attacks Nutts from behind. The two go back and forth on the outside until Palace misses a big chop to Nutts and instead catches the ringpost. Nutts responds with some Ric Flair style chops and then throws Palace into an audience member’s foot for some fan interaction. Before the bout goes back inside Nutts slams Palace on the floor, which is sans protective mat.

If you’ve never seen a FSW match it is worth mentioning that no matter how intense the action gets the commentator sounds so mellow he must be a wake and bake stoner. When I saw a picture of him I wasn’t at all surprised. This same soft cadence is kept as Nutts connects with a chop off the ropes then goes for a big splash only for Palace to put up his knees.

For the finish Nutts unloads on Palace with a roaring elbow to get the three count.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next FSW show will be the promotion’s first show of 2015 and will be FSW Setting the Five Star Standards on January 25 in East Brady, Pennsylvania. Click here for more information.

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