Indie Wrestling News Roundup 12/22/14

by Daniel Johnson


*Kaho Kobayashi, a joshi star who is just 22 years-old, had a competitive match with 13 year veteran Yumi Ohka on December 21 at Pro Wrestling WAVE. Timing in at just over 12 minutes the bout was the second longest on the Pro Wrestling WAVE Dai Shiwazu Azuma 2014 (Osaka) card.

*On the same show Mika Iida and Rina Yamashita had bouts lasting over 10 minutes with neither getting the win. Misaki Ohata also won a six minute bout. All of these wrestlers are 25 or less.

*Also, on December 21 in Stardom, 24 year-old Io Shirai defeated Mystique, an international star from Mexico who has been touring with this Japanese promotion since October.

*In Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU), Los 4×4 consisting of Black Fire and Slayer won the DTU Nexo Championship on December 20. The duo defeated La 4a Dimension consisting of Jinzo and Rocky Lobo in a tournament final to be the first team ever to capture this prize. Black Fire is just 23 year-old, but has been wrestling for DTU since last decade.

*In other DTU news earlier in the week the 24 year-old Aeroboy captured the DTU Alto Rendimiento Championship by defeating Drastik Boy on December 16. The reign was short lived as a mere four days later the 22 year-old Drastik Boy reclaimed his championship in a match also involving Chica Yeye, Hacker and Septimo Dragon.

*Thousands of miles away in 4 Front Wrestling (4FW) on December 20, The Lionhearts consisting of Jason LaRusso and Eddie Ryan beat The Hunter Brothers consisting of Jim Hunter and Lee Hunter for the 4FW Tag Team Championship. This is the first gold LaRusso has held in 4FW since the Italian youngster started wrestling for them in 2010, his rookie year not just for them, but in any company.

*Also, on December 20, 20 year-old Danish wrestler Michael Fynne had arguably his highest profile match to date. In Dansk Pro Wrestling (DPW), Fynne put his DPW Heavyweight Championship on the line in a triple threat match also involving former WWE star Drew McIntyre aka Drew Galloway and fellow Danish wrestler Chaos. In the Scotland based Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), Galloway won the ICW Heavyweight Championship in November and that title was also on the line in this match. Galloway won the match to become a duel champion and possibly the highest profile wrestler to hold the DPW Heavyweight Championship yet.

*The Juicy Product consisting of the winner of The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award for 2012 “The Juice” JT Dunn and “The Product” David Starr wrestled for House of Glory (HOG) on December 19. The pair unsuccessfully challenged for the HOG Tag Team Championship currently held by Crimson and The Amazing Red. The Juicy Product remain champions for Full Impact Pro (FIP) and Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) holding the FIP Tag Team Championship and WSU Tag Team Championship, respectively. Yes, that latter title is usually reserved for women.

*On December 18, IWA: Mid-South had their final show of the year, IWA Mid-South Revolution Strong Style Tournament 2014. In the finals of this one night tournament Michael Elgin defeated the winner of The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award for 2013, Reed Bentley. Although Bentley, an IWA: Mid-South regular did not win this tournament The Crown J winner has had success elsewhere such as Evolution Pro Wrestling (EPW). December 18 marked 400 days that he has held the EPW Elite Championship.

*Another IWA: Mid-South wrestler, Ace Perry recently wrestled for Rockstar Pro Wrestling (RPW) on December 17. Perry challenged Alex Colon in a triple threat match also involving Jake Omen for the RPW American Luchador Championship. Although Perry failed to win this title he has been picking up a lot of publicity lately as a result of an IWA: Mid-South YouTube video posted on December 15 in which he asks a fan with autism to her high school prom.

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