Indie Flashback: Jaykus Pisken Calls a Squash Match a Squash Match

by Daniel Johnson

Franco D’Angelo vs. Black Rocker

This match took place as the very first bout in front of the live crowd at what at the time was one of the biggest cards to date for Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW).  Taking place before the official card as a dark match a referee is not even in the ring when Franco D’Angelo comes out to meet Black Rocker aka JC Bravo. This causes D’Angelo’s manager, Jaykus Pisken to get on a mic and yell for a referee to come out and get this squash match over with!

A squash match it is indeed as despite D’Angelo missing a charge and taking some kicks from Black Rocker, this is about all the offense Black Rocker gets in. From there Black Rocker attempts a plancha over the top rope, but gets caught by D’Angelo and slammed on the ring. D’Angelo then gorilla press slams Black Rocker and goes back inside the ring to hit two vicious looking clotheslines on Black Rocker. D’Angelo then whips Black Rocker into the ropes and hits a lethal looking spinebuster. D’Angelo is obviously an Arn Anderson fan! From there Black Rocker gets pinned with one hand and to add insult to injury (or perhaps more fittingly injury to injury) D’Angelo nails another spinebuster. This bout was a great squash and Black Rocker sold D’Angelo’s offense like a champion.

For the full results to ACW Guilty By Association 6 (where this match took place) click here. For more information about Franco D’Angelo and JC Bravo from ACW’s ACW Wrestler of the Week series click here and here, respectively. For more in the Indie Flashback series featuring ACW wrestlers click here and here.

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