25 and Under: Dale Patricks at EPW Child’s Play

by Daniel Johnson


Dale Patricks vs. Eddy Young

Dale Patricks is a wrestler from Indianapolis, Indiana trained under Billy Roc. Debuting in 2011, just months into his career he had already wrestled for some major independent promotions including Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), CHIKARA and AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined. This year Patricks worked for more than half a dozen promotions, but spent the bulk of his time in IWA: Mid-South and Evolution Pro Wrestling (EPW).

At EPW Child’s Play in April, Patricks wrestled “The Future” Eddy Young. Patricks had the deck stacked against him as in addition to Young, Joe’s Bros consisting of stablemates Joe Pittman, “The Man with Two Monikers” Marcus Edwards and Mr. Sosa circled the ring.

The match takes shape when Patricks chops Young hard in two separate corners. Young retreats leading fans to chant, “Change his diaper.” Patricks delivers a rocker dropper and X-Pac’s old favorite, the bronco buster. The Attitude Era appreciation is obvious when Patricks continues by doing the Val Venis hip swivel. Patricks is apparently a big Shawn Michaels fan as well as it’s obvious from the style of his super kick. Patricks sets up for a piledriver, but Young reverses with a big back body drop. It looks like Young gets a three count, but the referee swears to him that it was only two. Joe’s Bros look none too pleased.

Instead of a heel win, Patricks hits the sliced bread #2 for victory. Joe’s Bros then attack before EPW babyface Paredyse makes the save.

The full match can be seen right here:

According to EPW’s Facebook page the promotion is done for the season. However, EPW has encouraged fans to check out IWA: Mid-South as they run weekly shows at Jammer’z Rollerdrome in Clarksville, Indiana on Thursdays until December 18.

For the full results of EPW Child’s Play click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring action from the first half of 2014 click here and here.

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