25 and Under: Austin Bradley at CWF Mid-Atlantic

by Daniel Johnson


Austin Bradley vs. Lee Valiant

Back in February, Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-Atlantic (CWF Mid-Atlantic) held the Pro Wrestling International (PWI) Tag Team Tournament. Although this two night event featured a whopping 14 tag team matches some singles performances helped round out the card and spice things up. Austin Bradley, a native of Kentucky, was just 19 at the time and featured in one of these matches on the first night.

Bradley has been working for some years now and has performed for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) as far back as December 2012. Bradley has since worked for a variety of promotions including IWA Mid-South, Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) and Evolution Pro Wrestling (EPW).

Although the commentators talk up Bradley by mentioning his credentials in being trained by Rip Rogers and Nick Dinsmore this is pretty much a two minute squash match. Bradley’s opponent, Lee Valiant was starting a new run where he showed more attitude and he demonstrates this by clipping Bradley’s knee then tearing into him with strikes. Bradley knocks Valiant down at one point with a clothesline. Although Bradley then pulls out a fisherman’s suplex of all moves he soon gets locked in the STF and it is quickly over. Valiant continues assaulting Bradley after the match prompting security to be called to the ring.

The tournament ended the next night with that card being headlined by The Killbillies (Aric Andrews and Evan Banks) and the duo of Chet Sterling and Trevor Lee.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CWF Mid-Atlantic show will be CWF Mid-Atlantic Fire & Desire on September 6 in Whitsett, North Carolina. Click here for more information.

For the full results of CWF Mid-Atlantic PWI Tag Team Tournament Night 1 and CWF Mid-Atlantic PWI Tag Team Tournament Night 2 click here and here, respectively.

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