30 in 30 Reborn: Grand Pro Wrestling’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Howdy people! There are mere hours left to support indie/foreign wrestling and vote for The Crown J here. Also, go here for details on how to win a $25 WWE Shop Gift Card. Info on the 30 in 30 Reborn series can be found here. Contest ends August 31, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.

The full Grand Pro Wrestling (GPW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about GPW’s YouTube channel:

Number of videos: 32

Frequency new videos are added: No videos have been added in five months. The channel has featured 32 videos since October 2011.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows have been added yet.

Total views of the most popular video: 2,708

GPW runs out of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England and has put on a ton of shows since first opening it’s doors in July 2003. The promotion is very much alive, but it’s YouTube channel is woefully out of date, never having been that active to begin with. Yet, the content that is on his channel is great. Several full matches are included, which are shot from multiple cameras and have English commentary. The picture and lighting leave a little to be desired, but onscreen graphics are included so viewers are getting much more than just the raw footage. The stranger shorter bits on this channel range from weird and comprehensible to weird and less comprehensible. Rounding out the channel is a fair amount of promos. The promotion feature top tier talent from the English independent wrestling scene including CJ “The Juice” Banks, Martin Kirby and El Ligero (because this is an English promotion after all). The channel is still linked to from GPW’s official website, which is active so there is some chance new videos will be added.

A recommended clip:

Joey Hayes vs. CJ “The Juice” Banks

GPW does a great job of giving this 2010 main event for the GPW British Championship a big fight feel. From the lengthy ring introduction to CJ “he Juice” Banks being promoted as having only lost one match in the last 17 months to the commentators hammering in that this is the last time Banks and Joey Hayes will wrestle in a GPW ring, everything is there.

Beyond being a title bout this is a two out of three falls match. Hayes upsets Banks by scoring the first fall with a crossbody just a few minutes into the match. The two are supposed to have a minute to rest in between falls, but instead Hayes attacks Banks during the break with some punches and forearms. Banks battles back with some rolling German suplexes, but Hayes gets out of Banks’ grip before he can complete a third one. At any rate Banks still has an advantage and scores the second fall with his flash splash finisher (essentially a frogsplash).

Given the gravity of this match it is unsurprising that shenanigans take  place during the final fall. Fox Carter interferes on behalf of Banks when the referee takes a bump. To even up the score Martin Kirby also comes in and gives Banks a Rocker dropper. Carter and Kirby fight to the back while Hayes covers Banks. Hayes pins Banks for one…two…kick out! The encounter continues and Banks delivers three proper suplexes before executing his flash splash finisher again. Miraculously, Hayes kicks out, but Banks isn’t done yet. Banks goes back up top, drops on Hayes with a third flash splash and hooks his leg for one…two…three!

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