25 and Under: Jeff Gant Wrestles in IPW’s Second Match Ever

by Daniel Johnson

Jeff Gant vs. The Great Depression

This edition of 25 and Under not only features a young up and coming wrestler, but also a young up and coming promotion. This match occurred at the inaugural show of the Texas based Inspire Pro Wrestling (IPW) this past July. IPW The Beginning was action packed and was capped off with Davey Vega, Chuck Taylor and ACH wrestling for a shot at the IPW Championship. Yet, any good main event needs some good undercard matches to build up to it, which is where Jeff Gant and The Great Depression come in.

Gant is a small and agile wrestler, but comes out for this match with taped ribs giving a hint fans won’t see much of his agility in this affair. The Great Depression on the other hand can best be described as a masked hoss. Just looking at the size difference between these two Transcriptonians should know by now what kind of bout this is going to be. Can you say squash match? Yes, The Great Depression ranks right up there with the rest of the squash machines! Gant gets some kicks in early on, but soon literally gets thrown across the ring. The Great Depression then gorilla press slams Gant much to the delight of the big man’s valet, Penny Arcade. For the finish Gant tries to hit a move from the ropes, but gets caught and slammed. The Great Depression finishes Gant off with a Vader bomb. This match had some decent selling from Gant and The Great Depression has a unique look that helps separate him from other monsters on the independent scene.

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