The TNA Scouting Report: Andrew Everett

by Jason Tolland


Andrew Everett


As I’m sure most of us are aware, TNA Wrestling has been cutting a majority of their talent roster for the past four months due to money issues. No one has been exempt from “the chopping block,” including huge names like Hulk Hogan. While this has given the chance for lesser talents on the roster to shine: Rockstar Spud, The Bro-Mans, Ethan Carter III, etc. this has also caused many people to have a chuckle at just how thin the roster actually is without all the money backing them up.

There is a way around spending huge amounts of dollars on huge-name talents for TNA. They can always make their own stars out of wrestlers on the independent scene who will work for less money and in most cases, offer something fresh and entertaining that will capture the audience’s attention. It’s worked for them in the past with people like AJ Styles, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. These guys had all created some buzz working for lower standing companies at the time they were picked up by TNA, but they had not had the chance to be seen by a larger audience. TNA offered that to them and they became stars; offering up some of the best matches in the company’s history, TNA Unbreakable 2005 being the best example of this. The classic five star three-way for the TNA X Division Championship, which really helped put them on the map as an important company. TNA first had to take the chance with them and give them a shot. They did, and it paid off big time.

Onto business at hand though, which is looking at new talents that could succeed and thrive in TNA. Ever since I heard of this guy who wore a goat mask and could do flips, I let out a bit of a chuckle. Surely Chiva Kid couldn’t be a gimmick that fit in anywhere other than CHIKARA. In a way, I was right. It’s a really corny gimmick, but so was Curry Man and he became quite popular in TNA. Mainly because the guy who worked under the mask, Christopher Daniels, was such an amazing talent who could turn anything he touched into gold. I had my doubts that the guy under the goat mask could do the same.

How wrong I was.

Not only is he an absolutely incredible in-ring talent, he’s got a great cocky gimmick when unmasked too as Andrew Everett. To my knowledge, he hasn’t been given much of a chance to shine on the microphone in front of a crowd, but if he’s anywhere near as good on there as he is at being the cocky asshole, then he’s got it down. It’s hard to make people hate a talented high flyer who does flashy moves for a living, but he manages it. The easy place to put him is in the X division. I mean, he does every kind of high flying maneuver under the sun. There’s no doubt he could become a highlight of that division but that’s just too easy. Rockstar Spud could have been placed in the X division randomly too, and he was, but that never worked out. Spud has only excelled now he’s been given a chance to shine in a role that makes him stand out above random flippy guy #24.

I love Spud in his current role (heaps, by the way). Andrew has that amazingly natural cockiness about him that could fit right into a role like Spuds, maybe even right beside him. He could even become an assistant to Spud and work his way up the ranks so he’s eventually the boss of Spud. Easy comedy gold. They could make a great comedic tag team and still get to show off the abilities of Everett both as a character and as a personality. A duo with Spud would likely be the best outcome for Everett in TNA. And if they don’t want to go the way of using him as Everett, then they have the Chiva Kid character as back-up; it could at least sell a few masks.

I expect he’ll be random flippy guy #25.

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