Indie Flashback: The First ACW YouTube Clip Ever

by Daniel Johnson

Miss Diss Lexia vs. Starr

This month a slew of YouTube channels, which have never been discussed on this website are being featured. I wanted to add this clip to complicate the process of how in our minds we each determine what a great YouTube wrestling channel is. As the title of this post declares this is the first ever clip posted on the official YouTube channel of ACW. Since the clip was posted ACW has become a havenfor great women’s wrestling where performers like Portia Perez, Jessicka Havok and Athena compete for the ACW American Joshi Championship. This clip on the other hand showcases a very different kind of women’s wrestling than one might expect from Perez, Havok or Athena. Regardless of what anyone may think of it this clip has been watched more than any single Perez, Havok or Athena match featured on ACW’s channel. To date the clip has a whopping 81,161 views.

As for the action the match features Starr, who appropriately enough wears a hoodie with stars on it to the ring and Diss Lexia (get it?). Lexia starts off with a face buster and tries to rip off Starr’s dress. Oh yeah, it is kind of important to mention this is an evening gown match (or bra and panties if you note there are no gowns present). Also, before a winner can be declared the loser also has to be tarred and feathered. Starr ends up removing Lexia’s dress first, but then Lexia hits her from behind, throws her to the mat in a headlock and gets Starr’s shirt off. Lexia follows this by then removing Starr’s dress before grabbing a bottle (presumably of tar) and decorating her with a bag of feathers. Oddly enough the original purpose of tarring and feathering was never to titillate.

There is no doubt at least from a technical aspect ACW’s channel has improved tremendously since it first began more than five years ago. The company may have changed quite a bit as well, yet the early days can certainly have their silver linings.

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