NWA Smoky Mountain: Kacee Carlisle Defends the NWA World Women’s Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Kacee Carlisle vs. Jessie Belle Smothers

This match from Women Superstars Uncensored’s (WSU) YouTube channel took place at NWA Smoky Mountain and pits Kacee Carlisle, the NWA World Women’s Champion, against challenger Jessie Belle Smothers. Smothers takes Carlisle down with a headlock to start, but Carlisle gets out of it with a head scissors…or so she thinks! Smothers clamps on the headlock again and man does it last for a long time! Smothers even does a jig as she has the headlock on. Actually, a lot of Smothers’ offense looks dance inspired. When Carlisle gets out of the headlock commentator Denver Colorado points out that it looks like Smothers and Carlisle are square dancing as Smothers attempts to fight back. Smothers then does a bronco buster. Some unusual offense to be sure and I don’t know if I like it.

The two end up fighting outside and Carlisle hits a snap suplex on Smothers. From there Carlisle dominates this match like Vader dominates jobbers. After a second rope leg drop Carlisle punishes Smothers with a variety of chokes, strikes and power moves. Smothers gets in some sneaky two counts and tries to fight back with a jawbreaker and a neckbreaker. However, after Carlisle plants the challenger with a double underhook DDT it is all over for Smothers!

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