Toyota is Simply the Best

Two of AJW’s top talents fight it out title for title in this breathtaking encounter. At stake are the All Pacific Women’s Championship and the IWA World Women’s Championship. The former title would eventually have a nearly thirty year history and be held by notable women such as Leilani Kai, Bull Nakano and Aja Kong. Manami Toyota held the latter title for over two years when this match took place and had no intention of losing it.

Toyota’s opponent Kyoko Inoue was a diverse talent being able to throw smaller women around like Aja Kong, but being able to nearly match the aerial maneuvers of Toyota. Plus, she gets bonus points for looking like The Ultimate Warrior if he was a Japanese woman. Shame she did not use his entrance music.

Once the match starts The Ultimate Inoue makes it a point to attack Toyota’s legs early on. In between some submission moves I’ve rarely, if ever seen before she performs a spinning toe hold before changing focus. She then locks in a camel clutch followed by a torture rack.

Upon escaping the rack Toyota attempts to build up some momentum by hitting a second rope dropkick, but is momentarily brought down with a powerbomb. Toyota comes back with some high impact moves and before Inoue knows it she is locking on her own submissions. After Toyota rolls Inoue around the ring about a hundred times she gets a super close two count. Toyota then goes up top, but is hurled off the ropes by Inoue.

In control Inoue then hits some power moves before hitting an amazing elbow drop from the top. Unfortunately for her, in short order Inoue is launched out of the ring and Toyota jumps on the middle of the top rope and tackles Inoue outside.

Back inside Manami hits a picture perfect German suplex for two and Kyoko lazily kicks out. Some action on the ropes happens next, but it is not long before they are back outside and just as quickly back in again. There, Manami scores two top rope dropkicks, but misses a moonsault. Kyoko gets a stunning top rope slam off of Toyota and gets a two count.

Inoue revisits the beginning of the bout by going back to a submission, but Toyota reaches the ropes. Following this up, Toyota then gets four two counts when she reverses a powerbomb attempt, performs another German suplex, hits a tiger suplex and completes a moonsault. Up next, Toyota nails two Japanese ocean cyclone suplexes, but only gets two after the second one. Looking desperate Inoue knocks Toyota down with a lariat.

After some down time Inoue gets off a top rope gut wrench suplex and a powerbomb variation. Toyota tries to come back by bouncing off the ropes, but slips and takes a nasty spill. The end comes when Toyota is just able to get Inoue down for the three after a lightening quick sunset flip.

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