Super Smash Bros. and The Runaways Go Beyond

I have a mixed bag of impressions about this match:

*I love that there is a commentator going by the name Denver Colorado. Actually, it would be a swell nickname for any kind of wrestling personality. Still, I get the impression that this guy is sinking all his money into Beyond Wrestling.

*Boy is that a cruddy looking ring. The silver lining to how craptastic the ring looks at least it shows people that wrestlers are not just bouncing around on a trampoline. However, only the severely uninformed or young children still believe that. Neither look to be in the audience.

*Speaking of the audience at least there is a good vibe going on. Unfortunately, all of them look to be wrestlers without any actually paying fans. On the contrary most if not all of them were probably paid to be there. Player Uno, Player Dos/Stupefied, Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater should have their share of fans, but they need to come out.

*Ryan Slater could learn a lesson from his distant cousin (I’m guessing) Heath Slater about selling. Come to think of it all four could. A lot of the maneuvers are phenomenal, but when every other move looks like a finisher and most aren’t sold like one, it really devalues the action.

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