Willie Mack in a Dungeon

Willie Mack takes on Dragon Mask (or Dargon Mask if you believe the video title) in the aptly named Dungeon Championship Wrestling. If you try hard enough and have enough time you should be able to actually count the number of people in attendance. It’s the kind of crowd wrestlers must be hesitant to pop because if someone does mark out he or she will then become self-conscious about screaming in a room of about a dozen people and thus make the wrestler feel guilty.

The action is actually pretty solid though. Not too much high flying, but I do like the spot where Dragon  nails a hurricanrana on Mack after Mack clings to the ropes the first time. Mack has really been picking up steam in 2011 and 2012 having matches with notable independent stars Chris Hero (now Kassius Ohno), El Generico and most recently Kevin Steen.

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