Resistance Pro Women’s Championship Match from Stick it to Ya

by Daniel Johnson

Mickie Knuckles vs. D’arcy Dixon

It has been nearly a month since there has been a new episode of Resistance Pro TV 2.0 or at least one that featured a full match. The fourth episode was just a recap of the action from Resistance Pro Stick It To Ya. The fifth episode though features hardcore female wrestler Mickie Knuckles challenging D’arcy Dixon for the Resistance Pro Women’s Championship. When asked about Knuckles’ history prior to the match Dixon said she was not phased by Knuckles reputation, “That doesn’t intimidate me. I’m ready for it.” Knuckles gave a much more odd interview where she said, “Good? Bad? It doesn’t matter. I’m the moose that’s going to walk out with that belt.”

Knuckles opens with a butt load of strikes, which persists throughout the match. Dixon lands a forearm in there somewhere and the commentators massively blunder by saying the two are going blow for blow. On the outside Knuckles slams Dixon on the bare wooden floor and goes for a pin. However, this is not a falls count anywhere match.  Knuckles tries to finish Dixon off early on with a suplex on the ring stairs, but instead gets suplexed on them herself. On the inside Dixon starts to hit some forearm shots, but then Knuckles gets back in control with a big boot. It is all Knuckles for a while as she gets a two count then locks on a camel clutch. Knuckles misses a senton and the two trade strikes. Now, they are going blow for blow!

Knuckles misses a charge into a corner and Dixon locks on a butt ugly variation of the tarantula. Knuckles takes back control by hitting Dixon with a kick that looks a little stiff. Knuckles proceeds to pound Dixon in a corner then give her a dropkick to the face. Dixon later stretches Knuckles with a rings of Saturn variation, but the match soon degenerates back to a lot of striking. In fact, the rest of the match consists solely of striking with a few moves thrown in. Striking, striking, striking, Knuckles hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex, striking, striking, striking, Knuckles performs a pump handle sit-out slam, striking, striking, striking, Dixon powerbombs Knuckles from the ropes and it is over!

The next Resistance Pro show is about three weeks away and will be Resistance Pro Alive. At least it should knock the socks off of The Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan.

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