30 in 30: TheNerdSlam’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hello everyone! Before  running through 30 in 30 feel free to enter here to win a free  Blu-ray of The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden. Also, for those seeking more knowledge, learn more about 30 in 30 here.

The full TheNerdSlam’s YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about TheNerdSlam’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 245

Frequency new videos are added: This channel gets updated a lot! It has only been around seven months and already has 245 videos. Sometimes multiple videos are added each day.

Frequency full shows are added: It depends how you define a “full show.” There are no full wrestling shows on the channel, but there are full episodes of Player Uno’s First Impression and a cooking show called, Stu’s Kitchen. Also, there are plenty of full videos chronicling wrestlers playing videogames.

Total views of the most popular video: 8,604

When I first came across TheNerdSlam Youtube channel I kind of ignored it because I figured it was just some wrestling channel run by a bunch of dorks. When I bothered to look into it, it turns out I was right. However, the dorks who run the channel are not just any dorks, but actual wrestlers! Player Uno primarily runs the channel, but Player Dos, Cecil Nyx and some more friends also contribute. Player Dos even has his own cooking show, Stu’s Kitchen, which features such things as this lovely crepes recipe. I haven’t gotten a chance to try out any of the recipes, but as long as you follow the directions of Stu Grayson rather than his sidekick Pasquale The Italian Chef then everything should turn out okay. This is really a gamer’s wrestling channel as well as it features a regular series called, Player Uno’s First Impression, which highlights upcoming games and includes game footage. There is also footage of vintage wrestling games including WWF Royal Rumble for the Dreamcast, WWF No Mercy and WCW/NWO Revenge (Hey, I got to make two references to that game in the same day!). Lastly, but perhaps most importantly there are full matches on the channel. Some of the video quality leaves a lot of room for improvement, but a a slew of promotions are featured some of which don’t have their own YouTube channels or at least not channels updated as often as this one.

A recommended clip:

Super Smash Bros. vs. First Class

Player Uno and Player Dos get jumped in this match where they defend the 2CW Tag Team Championship. Their foes, First Class consisting of Kevin “The Man” Graham and Punisher VanSlyke throw Uno out before targeting Dos. Graham even ends up standing on Dos’ face at one point! Graham and VanSlyke pick Dos apart with Graham in particular landing a bunch of moves including a suplex, a Russian leg sweep and a big elbow drop. VanSlyke fumbles in his offense as after he hits a big splash into one corner Dos DDTs him off of the ropes.

When Uno gets a hot tag he destroys First Class with clotheslines and explodes on VanSlyke with a suicide dive to the outside. First Class comes back though and VanSlyke hits a widow maker leading to Graham almost scoring a victory. Super Smash Bros. do not stay down for long either and Uno even manages to simultaneously DDT one-half of First Class while planting the other with an STO variation. Uno’s offense looks even more impressive once Dos joins him. Uno does a cannonball into one corner while Dos hits a 450 splash. First Class has their own team moves including VanSlyke hitting Dos with a butterfly suplex from the ropes and Graham nearly winning the match with a big splash. However, as the match wraps up Dos hits a double pele kick and a wicked funky looking torture rack into a slam. Dos hits a blockbuster to cap off the bout.

There are a few clunky looking spots, but overall some more than decent action!

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