ISW Free Match Monday: Arion Wrestles Barry

by Daniel Johnson

Frankie Arion vs. Dan Barry

With hype that puts the road to Wrestlemania to shame, the road to ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper continues. This match from the first Burger King of the Ring was a first round happening. There is plenty of chain wrestling in this one, which the commentaries remark is far from the norm at ISW. After watching matches like this, I’m inclined to agree.

Dan Barry starts off with a hip toss and after being unable to hit another one just kicks Arion in the face. Frankie Arion hits his own hip toss and follows with an arm bar. When Barry comes back at Arion, Arion manages to avoid taking any shots until he just gets slapped to the ground. That move was pimp enough to make The Godfather smile. Arion then gets thrown into a corner and hit with an elbow and a dropkick. The two soon trade shots until Barry clamps on a Mexican surfboard. The commentary team name drops WCW/NWO Revenge at this point, which is the greatest N64 wrestling game of all time (except for WWF No Mercy of course).

Arion’s comeback consists of a dropkick, punches and a snapmare into a pin. However, Barry sucks all of Arion’s momentum away with a huge lariat. The match spills onto the ring apron where Frankie hits an STO and as Barry slides into the ring, Frankie double stomps him. Barry manages one last flurry of offense including a belly-to-back suplex that flips Arion over and a brainbuster. Yet, Frankie wins it all after a reverse hurricanrana and a splash using his AXE Body Spray.

A swell match to be sure, but I just can’t help, but feel that Arion and Barry have had better.

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