Wrestling for the Right to the Hotel Bed

In this match Dan Barry makes the ultimate heel turn! After he and Frankie Arion trade horror stories about crossing the United States/Canada border an argument ensues about who will get to sleep in their hotel room bed and who will get the chair. If you think about it this might be one of the most logical reasons for a fight (nay, a feud) in the history of wrestling. Anyone who has ever tried to sleep in a tiny chair like the one pictured in the video can attest to just how uncomfortable it is. Even if someone manages to fall asleep in this piece of furniture they are bound to be sore as heck the next day.

Unfortunately, somehow the argument wasn’t enough for them to drive down to the arena and have a proper match in the squared circle. If this is the kind of action that ISW had leading up to their Border Wars event you can just imagine the laughs on the actual show. Then again it is ISW so fans should expect nothing less. Look out for cameos by Randy Orton’s theme music and an attempted kiss that surely would have put Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen to shame.

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