The Tortoise Beats the Hare

by Daniel Johnson

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Dan Barry

This Beyond Wrestling comedy match from a few months back has some fun spots and still manages to show off Dan Barry’s athleticism. Don’t get me wrong. Barry doesn’t show quite the passion he had when he was wrestling for the rights to a lone hotel bed , but that standing moonsault is still impressive.

The Turtle (Kowabunga’s cousin perhaps?) stalls a bunch to open the match until his manager shows up. As Denver Colorado points out this is a true rarity for Beyond Wrestling, a company that generally doesn’t have managers. Colorado doesn’t know his name, but by the end of the bout he is revealed to be Butterscotch (as in Leslie Butterscotch). He also has on an amazing green velvet suit. Despite it’s awesomeness the suit is not enough to prevent Barry’s assault. Barry embarrasses the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ fan and his manager by pointing them in an awkward position. Watch the clip to see what I mean. Barry even hits The Turtle with a double stomp. Hmm, where have I seen that before?

Colorado builds some intrigue at the finish by mentioning that the referee referred to Butterscotch by name whereas everyone else just knew him as “the guy with the incredible green suit.” Looking at the title of this post you can probably guess the winner.

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