30 in 30: WildKat Sports’ Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hello readers! Before  chopping down today’s 30 in 30 feel free to enter here to win a free  Blu-ray of The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden. Also, for inquiring minds who want to know, learn more about 30 in 30 here.

The full WIldKat Sports (WS) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about WS’ Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 35

Frequency new videos are added: About once a week.

Frequency full shows are added: Rarely. The channel debuted over a year ago with WildKat: The Web Series. To date only six episodes have been uploaded to the channel.

Total views of the most popular video: 3,394

WS (or WildKat Sports as I’ve never seen them shortened as WS, but darn it I need abbreviations) is an independent promotion based in Louisiana. The matches on their channel are generally in front of decent sized indie crowds. Audiences are also usually excitable so that helps. The channel also features big names, but most of them just plug the channel. Still, on the channel you can catch glimpses of Edge, Shane Helms and Chris Masters.  Heck, the promotion even has plugs from far more obscure wrestlers like Puppet, the little person wrestler from the early days of TNA. Remember him? Matches are filmed in almost a cinematic style though some clips can be a bit dark. The promotion looks like they actually improved their production quality since the channel began despite it only beginning in February 2012 and looking pretty good from the start. The best part of the channel has to be it’s WildKat: The Web Series though. Episodes run about 36 to 46 minutes and are unfortunately not updated that often. Oh yeah, they also have Jerry freaking Lynn on their channel!

A recommended clip:

Jerry Lynn vs. Luke Hawx

This match starts out as a scientific affair, but turns into a more well-rounded bout as Jerry Lynn and Luke Hawx slowly sneak in harder hitting moves. Lynn is the first to do this with a head scissors attack, but Hawx turns up the volume on the match with a mule kick. Not to be outdone Lynn jumps at Hawx with a spinning elbow. This attack sends Hawx retreating out of the ring.

The next segment of the match is an all out slugfest that Hawx wins. In barely any time at all Hawx turns up the volume of this match again with a double knee assault in one corner followed by a spin kick. Hawx is posed to hit a power move, but Lynn delivers a DDT from a gorilla press position. After some more back and forth there is an extensive series of two counts leading to a double cross body spot that sends both men down.

Closing in on the final segment of the match Hawx nearly wins with a halo moonsault and Lynn nearly achieves victory with a picture perfect hurricanrana followed by a TKO. Hawx ultimately gets his hand raised after a blockbuster and the two leave the crowd wanting more.

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