ISW Free Match Monday: Burger King of the Ring Flashback

by Daniel Johnson

Bastian Snow vs. El Hijo del Bamboo

This week’s installment of ISW Free Match Monday takes us back to the fabled Burger King of the Ring tournament. Inter Species Wrestling really lives up to it’s name in this one as a crab, Bastian Snow fights with a panda bear, El Hijo del Bamboo. Or at least two men dressed up as these creatures do (sorry to break kayfabe).

El Hijo del Bamboo tries to clamp on a bear hug early on, but Bastian Snow just brushes him off. Yet, Bamboo bounces back and knocks Snow down with some bear lariats followed by a successful application of a bear hug. Snow battles back and eventually even walks along the middle rope for a crab walk. Snow comes off the ropes with a double axe handle, but he just lands into a swinging paw from Bamboo. Bamboo hits an RKO on Snow and it looks like the crab is going to get boiled…until Snow pulls out some sunglasses. Snow first puts a pair on the ref then offers a pair to Bamboo. The three start dancing exactly like Too Cool, but Bamboo betrays the funk by hitting Snow with some sweet chin music. From there Bamboo delivers a Rikishi inspired stink face then clobbers Snow with a lariat. Bamboo ends the bout with a double stomp from the top rope.

The sequel to this tournament is coming to Danbury, Connecticut…in about four months. What takes time so long?

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