Jocephus Brody Challenges for the Resistance Pro Heavyweight Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Jocephus Brody vs. “The Ego” Robert Anthony

The Resistance Pro Heavyweight Championship is on the line in this week’s edition of Resistance Pro TV 2.0. Prior to the match there are some clips shown of how Brody earned the right to face champion, “The Ego” Robert Anthony.  Unsurprisingly, Jocephus got his spot like how one would imagine Bruiser Brody or The Berzerker would get it, by winning a battle royal after throwing participants over the top rope. Also, prior to the match Jocephus and Anthony give interviews. In Jocephus’ interview he has his valet Eve (not to be mistaken with Eve Torres, formerly of WWE) with him and hypes up his character and general dominance. Anthony gives a more cut and dry, meat and potatoes interview that could be said by any world champion.

The match itself is unfortunately painfully slow. There is some brawling and Eve interferes at one point by choking Anthony behind the ref’s back. Thankfully, Anthony hits a couple of impressive moves like a superplex and an ace crusher after bouncing off the ropes, but before, between and after these spots is plenty of uninspired brawling. The match ends after a big boot by Jocephus that plants Anthony on the outside. Jocephus then picks up Anthony and powerbombs him on some chairs. This would have been a decent ending, but the commentators sleep through it rather than convincingly sell the brutality of it all. Plus, the powerbomb itself looked a little clunky. At any rate Anthony loses the bout by countout.

Brody and Ego are not done yet though. They will square off again when Team Ego faces Team Jocephus at the Resistance Pro Stick It To Ya show.

Lastly, as is tradition with Resistance Pro clips, here is an odd photograph of The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan.

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