Puro Flashback: A NEVER Bout Showcasing King Fale and Taishi Takizawa

by Daniel Johnson

King Fale vs. Taishi Takizawa

This match from NJPW’s NEVER features King Fale wrestling another hard hitter in Taishi Takizawa. Takizawa gets the first shot in as while during a referee pull apart he double chops Fale in the chest. This leads to a chopfest battle that Fale wins and then puts on a headlock. When Takizawa is let out he snapmares Fale and hits him with a stiff kick in the back. Come to think of it this whole match is stiff as heck and unsurprisingly the two then erupt into making each other stagger with strikes to the face. You’d think they were trying to impress Stan Hansen or something!

Aside from breaking into a chopfest again and then just one last time presumably for good luck the two get to demonstrate some wrestling moves as well. Takizawa is the wrestler with more of a knack for psychology and targets Fale’s leg first with a single leg Boston crab and then a move, which may best be described as half of an STF. Fale on the other hand works a variety of Takizawa’s body parts with moves ranging from a suplex to a shoulder block to a headbutt splash. In the  end Takizawa doesn’t return to Fale’s legs, but instead scores a win with a splendid looking moonsault following a belly-to-back suplex.

More action from NJPW’s NEVER endeavor can be found here in a match between Toru Yano and Hiromu Takahashi as well as here in a match between Mikami and Hiromu Takahashi.

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